Two criminals beaten and burnt to death in Asin Breku - GHANA


Very sad this morning, Wednesday, 13th July 2023. Three young men surrounded a woman her room trying to kill her for rituals in Asin Breku - Ghana. 

Efia Kessewaa, a woman of 63 years was nearly killed for rituals by three young men.
The incident happened around 8:00 am where these young men entered Efia Kessewaa's room secretly to kill her and take her body parts for rituals.

According to the people of Asin Breku, the issue of killing people for rituals has risen around the area of Asin Breku where a woman was killed and the body parts was taken away just a week ago.

The woman started shouting for help in the room when a cutlass was used on her at here back. So they left the woman and ran into the bush to save themselves since they know the people of the community will gather there to find out the purpose of the noise. 

Over thousand young men of Asin Breku devoted their selves and chase this three criminals in the bush and they were caught. 
Two of these young murderers were beaten and burnt to death immediately they were caught before police arrival. 

The remaining one was lucky to be saved by police and was taken to the police office.
The woman they trying kill has been admitted to Francis Savior Hospital in Asin Fosu for treatment.

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