The people of North Korea are dieing out of starving.

 North Korea is experiencing shortage of food and neighbours are starving to death.

North Korea is experiencing drastic food shortages, with many sources proposing that it's likely the starvation could lead to death this month. 

 Specialists have said that the country has gotten to it substandard point since 90s starvation have caused  the death of  4%-6%  out of the population of twenty million people then.

It has been suggested that the supply of food has decreased beneath the quantity they need to feed themselves by Lucas Rengifo- Keller, the research analyst at Peterson Institute for international economics.

Rengifo-Keller said food was shared fairly , something beyond belief in north Korea where the best and the military take prime concern. Officials of the country accepted that evaluation. It's seen that death is  occurring in some places of the country due to starving 

Before corona virus, many of north Koreans population was malnourished, said by the united nations food and agriculture organization 

Three years of borders closed and separation can only have made things worse.

North Korean leader Kim Jong  held a  Workers’ Party meeting   to talk about the rehabilitation of the nation's agric  sector, seeking for  basic lift in farming and the counter's economic plans and a need to build up the state control of agriculture .

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