Reasons Why Technical, Visual Arts, and Agric Programmes Were Snubbed By WAEC at Distinction Awards (2022)

WAEC (The West African Examination Council) today snubbed students from the Visual Arts, Technical, and Agricultural Sciences at the WAEC Distinction Awards ceremony for WASSCE candidates who sat the exams in 2022.

The council, however, presented awards to students who excelled remarkably in the WASSCE 2022. General Science, General Arts, Home Economics, and Business programs were duly recognized at the ceremony. These programs had students who performed better in the WASSCE and thus were awarded for being the best candidates to emerge out of the many that sat the exams.

However, a few of the programs offered at senior high school were not mentioned. After WAEC took to its social media pages to flaunt students from the general sciences and others, concerned people began to question the whereabouts of students from Visual Arts, Technical, and Agricultural Science. They believed that the council was biased towards these programs, and by the act endorsed the long-held notion of the little value people perceive these programs have.

In response to the allegations, WAEC revealed it could not in any way be discriminatory in a profound manner like this, but it worked with rules and regulations. The council continued to cite that students from the visual arts, technical and agric sciences who sat the exams last year could not meet its eligibility criteria to be awarded best candidates.

A candidate must have a minimum of straight eight (8) grade A1’s in one sitting, and should not have engaged in any examination malpractice to be eligible for an award. Astonishingly, none of the students from the aforementioned programs met the criteria and were regrettably overlooked and snubbed during the ceremony today.

This development is a concerning aspect of this year’s distinction awards, as these fields have long been the cradle of innovation and practical expertise that fosters societal growth.

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