Carlos Ghosn, the former boss of Nissan company  sued the Nissan car making company for over  $1 million compensation.

Carlos Ghosn, t former chairman of Nissan, filed a lawsuit against the automaker

 Ghosn alleges that Nissan breached his contract by not paying him after his arrest of him in November 2018 and by not  dismissing him as chairman in the right way. He also claims that the Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance was a "distressed merger" and that Nissan executives arranged his arrest of him to prevent a deeper unification between the two companies.

 According to Ghosn, he was due to receive deferred compensation of  over $1 million  after leaving Nissan. However, the company withheld this amount, arguing that Ghosn's arrest invalidated the contract.

 He is seeking over $1  million in damages from Nissan.
 Carlos Ghosn was arrested in  2018  on charges of financial misconduct, including underreporting his compensation and misappropriating company funds. He spent many days in detention before being released on bail. He  denies the charges and claims that he is the victim of a conspiracy within Nissan.

  This lawsuit is one of several legal battles involving Ghosn and Nissan. Ghosn has also filed lawsuits against Mitsubishi Motors and French automaker Renault, both members of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, seeking compensation and claiming that his ousting of him was politically motivated.

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