'I Hates Doing Song Promotions', Wizkid Explains Why

Nigerian superstar, "Wizkid" Reveals His “Soft Life” Approach to Music-making, Preferring a Stress-free Recording Process

Nigerian superstar singer, songwriter, and performer Ayodeji Balogun, famously known as Wizkid, has recently shared his unique approach to creating music. The Grammy-winning artist has revealed that he prefers to take the easy route and avoids engaging in extensive promotional activities for his music.

Wizkid, the owner of Starboy Entertainment and one of Africa’s most celebrated artists, has gained a reputation for his laid-back demeanor and effortless style. In a recent revelation, he expressed his preference for a stress-free recording process, often opting to record while sitting down. He explained that this relaxed approach allows him to maintain his “soft life” mantra and avoid unnecessary pressure.

The father of four cited examples of some of his biggest hits, including “Holla at your Boy,” “Ojuelegba,” and “Joro,” which were all recorded in a sitting position. Wizkid believes that by creating music in a comfortable and effortless manner, he can capture the essence of his artistry without compromising his personal well-being.

This revelation comes in the wake of Wizkid’s decision to unfollow everyone on Instagram except for fellow Nigerian artist Naira Marley, generating significant buzz among his fans and the media. It is clear that Wizkid’s preference for taking the easy route extends beyond just his recording process and extends to his overall approach to fame and publicity.

Despite his aversion to traditional media runs and extensive promotional campaigns, Wizkid’s talent and musical prowess continue to shine through his chart-topping hits and electrifying performances. His dedication to maintaining a stress-free creative process is a testament to his commitment to staying true to his unique artistic vision.

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