Trump is in Florida to show up in court on Tuesday for making mess of national security documents.

The former president of the united state of America, Donald Trump left New Jersey on Monday to Florida to appear in court.

The man is facing so many changes for keeping classified information unlawfully addi to some nuclear secret. It's two times he is taking to court this year with crime.

This is the first ever criminal prosecution against a  past US president.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez told reporters the city was preparing for Mr Trump's court appearance. Police will be deployed in prediction of crowds up to fifty thousand people, he said, though other sources told US media the expected number was in the low thousand.

The former president will appear in court along the side of a close aide, Walt Nauta, who was charged by the same grand jury in Florida. Mr Nauta faces six criminal counts related to alleged handling of national security files. All of them are ranged to make their first appearances at 15:00 local time (20:00 BST).

After Tuesday's hearing, Donald Trump is  to go back to Bedminster to make regards to the media. Prosecutors accuse the Republican of unlawful keeping of documents, keeping some in a ballroom and a shower at Mar-a-Lago and engaging in a conspiracy with an aide to obstruct the government's attempts to get them back.

The documents reportedly carries  information about the defence and weapons. The files reportedly carries  information about the defence and weapons capabilities of  the US and other countries, He plans to fight back in response to a foreign attack.


Donald Trump, tried to cut off the FBI inquiry into the missing documents by suggesting his lawyer "hide or tear down" them, or tell investigators he did not have them.

Legal experts say the criminal charges could lead to  prison if he is sentenced . Donald Trump has vowed to continue his campaign for president whatever the judgement.

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