A British actress and politician, Glenda Jackson is dead

 A two time Oscar-winning actress and former  MP Glenda Jackson dies after a short time of not feeling healthy.

Oscar-winning actress and former  Member of Parliament Glenda Jackson dies at age 87 after a short time sickness at her home in Blackheath, said by her agent. 

Said by her agent " Lionel Larner", Glenda Jackson, a politician and a two time academy award winning actress, passed on peacefully at her home in blackheath, London on 15 June 2023 in the morning.

She co-starred with Michael Caine recently in a film " the great Escaper".
Glenda Jackson was an member of parliament first for Hampstead district and Highgate and then kilburn from the year 1992 to 2015.
She had three Emmy awards in her  successful acting career.

Tulip Siddiq, the current member of parliament for kilburn and Hampstead said it's it is unhappy to hear that, "Glenda Jackson" her  forerunner ha passed on.
She added, Glenda Jackson was a strong and slightly frightening politician, a good actress and very supportive guide to her. Your people will remember you forever, said by Tulip Siddiq.

A member of parliament for Hackney North and stoke Newington "Diane Abbott " said it is so worried to hear about the death of Glenda Jackson. She said she served with her  in parliament for so many years an Glenda Jackson was a principled an kind woman. 

Within her 23 years as MP, Glenda visited people’s homes and saw families desolated by the illness which helped mould her honest depiction of Maud.

Glenda Jackson said she was on a list for treatment in 2021 which had been detained since the  COVID-19 pandemic. She needed a new hip after loosing hers  many  years ago.

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